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My name is Jordan.

I'm a full-stack web developer.

Jordan McGavin

About me

I enjoy coffee and travelling.

I'm a full-stack web developer and UX designer based in London, Ontario.

I create innovative, intuitive web experiences and craft technically enhanced, interactive web-solutions. I like to design and develop projects that help people, and their brands, thrive in today's online world.

Along with a background in media theory and a specialization in interactive design and production, I have over three years of experience designing, developing, creating and editing content for the web.

I'm an avid traveller and a devoted hockey fan. In my spare time I like to dabble in illustrating and graphic design. Check out my Instagram for more.

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Jordan McGavin


A provider of smart web-solutions.

Web Development


From custom webpages and web apps to interactive interfaces, customized back-ends and login systems — it's a web presence tailored to your needs with the user experience in mind.

UX & UI Design


A well-designed user experience and user interface will maximize the amount of time people spend interacting with your content. Your design is a reflection of your brand and it deserves to shine.

Digital Branding


Let your brand speak for itself. Search engine optimization, market research, brand guidelines and marketing campaigns all contribute towards positive recognition.

Content Editing

Enhance your communications by delivering content that is professionally written, edited, formatted and packaged especially for audiences on the web.

Jordan McGavin

Built on standards


Built on standards
By relying on today's industry standards and keeping an eye on the future, your project will always be at the forefront of web technologies.

Fully Responsive

Responsive Design

Fully responsive
Projects perform flawlessly on every platform, from desktops to smartphones. There's no need to sacrifice content or quality.


Some projects I've worked on in the past.


Contact me

I'm currently looking for new opportunities.

If you’d like to discuss your ideas for a project or if you just feel like having a chat, I'm here – shoot me a message!

You can also email me directly at Error: please enable JavaScript.